[Series 2] Botnet Mitigation Best Practices and System Evaluation Workshop in Bangladesh

A two-day workshop on Botnet Monitoring and Mitigation, addressing:

  • Principles and best practices for botnet detection, monitoring and mitigation
  • Best practices for dealing with botnets in an IoT environment
  • Social Engineering and botnet proliferation
  • Using Cloud Enabled Security System (CESS) for malware detection/prevention
  • A discussion forum with invited stakeholders on malware threats

This workshop is conducted as part of the Asi@Connect Distributed and Cloud-based Network Defense System for NRENs (DCNDS) Project funded by TEIN* Cooperation Center and the European Union to facilitate capacity building among NOC operators and network engineers, as well as security personnel to support the effective operation of Research and Education Networks in the Asian region.

Workshop Presentations:


Wilkens – Attack-Vectors

Wilkens – Network-and-Security-Monitoring

Wilkens – Asamoah-Botnet-Monitoring

Dr. Anbar – Mirai Botnet



Forum – Malware Threats in Bangladesh

Forum – Malware Threats :: Education, Training, & Preparedness in BD

Target Participants

Network and System operators and engineers, as well as Cybersecurity staff from various organisations involved in Bangladesh Research & Education Network (BDREN) and other public agencies. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops for the Hands-on sessions.

Number of Participant Seats

35 pax

The organizers reserve the right to limit the number of participants from each organisation based on available seats.

Cost of Participation

There are no fees charged to participants for attending the workshop. However, participants will need to make their own arrangements for travel and lodging if needed.


ECE Bhaban, 7th Floor,
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET),
West Palashi,
Dhaka, Bangladesh


Workshop: 18-19 February, 2020 (with Social Dinner on night of 19 February, 2020)

This workshop has received funding from Asi@Connect project which is the European Union co-funding project under Grant contract ACA 2016-376-562.